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Support and ServicesIndustry Partnering Unit ▶ CareerHub

FEIT CareerHub has replaced I2MS and brings together industry and students by listing available internship positions that Diploma in Engineering Practice/IT Professional students can apply for in order to meet course requirements. We are excited about changing our system to CareerHub, as it will give you opportunites to:

•apply directly to a company
•submit a cover letter with each application
•tailor each application to address the selection criteria of each job

FEIT CareerHub is now available for ALL Engineering and IT students who are enrolled in the Diploma in Engineering / IT Practice. Students are able to login to the system (see link below) using the same login details they use for all other UTS systems. For students who have previously used I2MS, all of your past internship details will be kept on I2MS as a back-up. A step-by-step procedure manual has been placed on the FEIT CareerHub Student Console (within the 'Search Resources' link on the right-hand menu, to assist students with all CareerHub related activities. Video tutorials will be available soon.

Your details are already stored on the system automatically. Once logged in, you do not need an 'Active' resume to be able to view available internships (except for current EPP1 or EPP2 students, who need an Active resume as part of the subject requirement). please check that your account lists the correct major and status of Junior/Senior. If any of your details on CareerHub are incorrect, please send an email to feitcareerhubsupport@uts.edu.au with your name, student number and a brief description of the details requiring amendment.

For students who commenced their internships and submitted Start Forms via I2MS, prior to CareerHub being available, please ensure you submit your Finish Forms via I2MS also and a hard copy Company Letter and Finish Form Receipt to the Teaching and Learning Portfolio (formerly known as the Academic Programs Office - APO).

Click on the following link to login to CareerHub https://careerhub.feit.uts.edu.au/.

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