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Safety Induction

Research Students ▶ Safety Induction

FEIT research students will be required to undertake an online safety induction test to maximise their safety, health and well-being, and to ensure the Faculty is compliant with UTS EHS regulations. This requires passing an on-line quiz on UTS Online. Your student card access will be activated after you have enrolled and completed this requirement. You can have access to your workstation 7 days a week, 24 hours a day.

For all research students, the following applies:

  • To activate your Card Access you must first do the FEIT safety induction test via UTS OnLine  
  • You must achieve an 80% result in the Test in order to pass;
  • 2016 Safety Induction test can be accessed from UTS Online from January 2016.


  • It usually takes 2 - 3 days after students have passed the quiz for the Card access to be enabled;
  • The safety induction test expires on 31st March each year.
  • Students are required to retake the Induction Test each year on UTS Online to maintain their Card Access.

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