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FEIT Safety Quiz

The Faculty of Engineering and Information Technology (FEIT) supports the University EH&S policy. This policy is in compliance with WorkCover requirements, to promote a safe working environment for all users of the faculty facilities.

Part of the implementation involves the undertaking of a Safety Induction. The Safety Induction process consists of the completion of the Faculty of Engineering and Information Technology Safety Quiz. To assist users with the quiz appropriate safety induction documentation is available on UTS Online.

Supervisors of high-risk laboratories may require students to complete further safety induction training relevent to those areas. Please contact the relevant supervisor for further information.

By attempting this quiz you agree to comply with the EHS policies set out by the University.

To remain abreast of ongoing changes to University EH&S policy and maintain access to laboratories the quiz needs to be repeated at the beginning of each calendar year. Students who begin studies at other times of the year will be required to do the quiz when or before studies commence.

Completion of the Safety Quiz is a requirement to have your Smart Card access enabled.

How to use your Card

Hold your student card against the pad until the pad emits a beep. The LED strip indicated Green if access is permitted. The strip remains RED and beeps if either  access is not granted or another error condition (for example if the door is already open)

You may hear the click releasing the door latch and will be able to open the door. Close the door behind you.

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