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FEIT IT ServicesFacilitiesLabs ▶ Internetworking

These Labs provide specialised networking hardware and software environment to facilitate the teaching of networking topics. A Xen based virtualisation infrastructure allows students to have administrative rights to the guest operating system to configure and manage the operating system. These PCs host multiple different  virtual machines for different specialised purposes. Access to these labs are limited to Internetworking subjects during scheduled class times.

  • CB11.06.103 (20 machines) "Alcatel"
  • CB11.07.403 (20 machines) "Cisco" open access outside of class days as per schedule posted on the door
  • CB11.07.404 (20 machines)
  • CB11.07.405 (28 machines)
  • CB11.07.406 (28 machines)

Each of these rooms have a projection system and an additional lectern computer which is configured as per the lab to assist with demonstrations, a laptop can also be connected to a KVM located at the lectern if so required. 

A few other lab spaces use this software configuration to provide admin access to the operating environment for other classes

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