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All FEIT students should be able to login to all FEIT computing lab facilities (i.e. Linux was formerly FIT and Windows 7 were primarily Engineering,  now operate off the same login). Card access, and entry may be restricted to class time where appropriate. Labs are also open to students from other faculties if they are enrolled in a subject run by FEIT.

Some of the labs are dedicated to certain groups, for example our 4 labs on Level 7 of the Broadway Building are primarily networking related and remain secure so do not have direct student access. One lab on Level 6 is dedicated to CAD Graphics and game design and restricted to students enrolled in certain subjects. One is a "Professional Presentation" lab. A number of labs are available to support the remaining core teaching activities for faculty academics, the majority of which are found on Level B1 of the Broadway Building. Outside of classes they are available to students 24hrs with card access.

8 of the Broadway Building FEIT labs have computers that are primarily Unix based with the option to emulate windows environments through virtualisation. Student logins are currently the student number and regular UTS email password, and you can follow the on-screen instructions to switch between the Unix and Windows environments.

Student logins are the same as their UTS webmail access, although you must now authenticate to the "active directory domain". If you find you are having account problems, you may need to re-sync your UTS accounts by resetting your password at https://email.itd.uts.edu.au/webapps/myaccount/.

Most areas of the university are covered by UTS_WPA and eduroam wireless access for student laptops or mobile devices. Do not plug your laptop into any of the physical network ports you may find around the university, mostly because it probably won't work, could be an analogue phone port or have some other purpose but also UTS wireless service is quite good.

Student labs technical support is provided via email to FEITServiceDesk@uts.edu.au but some additional resources are also available such as my.feit's systems documentation. It is generally a good idea to consult with your tutors as a first point of contact if you are having trouble with the computers as often they will be able to help you more immediately and recognise patterns in problems occurring in class or assignment specifications and raise it directly with the appropriate support team member. Often they have already spoken to someone.

Card access is granted after completion of the annual UTSOnline safety induction quiz. If a student completes the safety quiz late (e.g. start of Spring semester where if an internship is done in Autumn) it can take up to 10 days for the request to move through the new card system.

Software provided in the computer labs is on a by request of course coordinators based on subjects running each semester and is also subject to license availability. As well as the computer labs we have study areas. Student pod areas are available throughout the Broadway Building, including Ground Level 00 and Basement Level 1. Please note that these pod areas are not managed by FEIT Support and will not have FEIT specific software applications on them, however you will be able to login and connect to them with your accounts as per usual.

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