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This page needs review. Information in this page may no longer be correct.

FEIT IT ServicesFacilities ▶ Accounts

Account Management

All new students automatically have a UTS:FEIT account and a central UTS:ITD account created soon after their details are entered into the student administration systems. This account includes an @student.uts.edu.au email account and access to other appropriate systems depending on the category of user. Your account was activated when you accepted your offer.

UTS Students use their UTS ID Number and Password to access:

  • Building 11 FEIT Computer Labs
  • UTS and FEIT Websites (unless otherwise advised)
  • UTS General Access Computing Labs


The Student Solaris server rerun.it.uts.edu.au uses a different user name than your UTS ID Number.

To find out your username for rerun.it.uts.edu.au you need to visit the MyAccount page for Rerun page. NOTE: Your password for rerun is the same as your UTS Password

Database Accounts

Some subjects have additional access provided to a PostgreSQL, Oracle or MySQL server. Your account details for these systems will be emailed to you in the first few weeks of semester if you are enrolled in a subject that requires them. Please contact your subject coordinator for assistance with database accounts.

Research Students

All researchers are entitled to a Faculty based IT account as well which provide many more services. To obtain a Faculty IT account complete a Contract Registration, Pin & Asset Request Form and forward it to the Faculty's IT Service Desk. This form is used to register you in the Faculty and allows you to gain access to many resources and services including IT accounts, a security PIN and access to photocopiers.

When your Contract Registration & Asset Request Form is processed a single IT user account will be created in both the Engineering systems and the IT systems with a single username and password across all systems. This includes access to services such as; Login to your PC, Engineering email, IT email, Engineering Novell system, IT file servers, this wiki site, ...

When you change your password on the UTS MyAccount page all your passwords for your various systems will be synchronised so you will only have one password to remember.

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